How to Live on a Food Budget of $10 a Day

I was reading a college student’s blog about living on $10 a day, and while that is quite possible for the average college student to do, the real challenge is to make that work while eating a Japanese Diet.

It makes one think hard about creating a monthly budget of food expenses. Being on a Zen Diet can be very expensive when you are making several trips to the Japanese market to buy sashimi and sushi, and eating it almost daily.

Would You Take The Challenge?

So, I’m going take the challenge of trying to live on a food budget of only $10 a day, and see if it is possible for me, given the diet I am currently on.

But let’s be realistic here. With a Zen Diet, you’d have to be eating 5-6 small meals per day, and it would average about $2 per meal. Can this be done?

Okay, at the Japanese Market a typical Nigiri Sushi package costs about $10, which could include 6-8 pieces of Nigiri Sushi and maybe about 4 pieces of California rolls, along with some wasabi and ginger slices.

Figuring Out The Costs

Now, the tricky part is that one would have to calculate the costs of the daily items such as Miso Soup and Green Tea. Usually, one buys packages of these two items and that would have to be calculated into the budget as well. As far as water for the tea and the soup, it would have to be filtered water and bottled water could get quite expensive.

Anyway, more about this later, as I try to calculate the costs and share my results with you in a later post.

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