How to Remove Facebook Timeline with a Chrome Extension

I REMEMBER FACEBOOK USERS COMPLAINING ABOUT one of Facebook’s latest changes, that of the Timeline.

I remember how at first, Facebook users had the option to update to the Timeline look. Then Facebook announced that it was going to use the Timeline permanently.

Many people were upset about this new recent change.

However, I like Facebook Timeline, although it seems like a waste of web browsing “real estate” to utilize such a large cover photo for a user’s Facebook Profile.

Anyway, I was browsing around for Facebook tips and tricks and came across a great article on Lifehacker that involved using a Google Chrome extension to revert your Facebook Profile back to the old style. And I thought I’d give it a try.

Timeline Remove is a simple Chrome Extension that will remove the Timeline layout of Facebook and revert back to the old style. I think this extension is pretty nifty, as I was sort of longing for the “old school” Facebook look.

Timeline View

Facebook Timeline

Remove Timeline in 3 Steps


Click on this link to get to the Timeline Remove extension.


Click “Add to Chrome”.


Go to your Facebook Profile and “refresh” your browser (or relaunch Google Chrome).

The Result

A return to the old school Facebook layout.

Timeline Remove for Facebook

Note: Keep in mind, Facebook Timeline has been removed for your browser. And your visitors will still see the Timeline version, unless they also use Timeline Remove.



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