The Importance of Showing a Healthy Vegan Attitude

The Importance of Showing a Healthy Vegan Attitude

I was thinking the other day that it’s vitally important to show a good healthy attitude as a vegan.

For one, we are representatives of our cause: to practice compassionate, healthy living, to show our compassion for animals, to help the environment and mother earth, and to practice non-violence.

We shouldn’t display a holier-than-thou attitude as if we are better than others. We should show that our diet and lifestyle is healthy and viable without putting down others. We will have meat-eating friends whom we should also show compassion for.

But Where Do You Get Your Protein?

This is a question asked countless times by our meat-eating brothers and sisters. And, it can be difficult for the typical vegan to endure because we don’t want to get into a debate over our difference in lifestyles. But basically, the answer obviously is from plant foods.

We just have to show some examples of animals that survive on a plant-based diet and are thriving, like the cow or especially the horse with it’s strong muscles and swift gait. These are big, strong creatures that are vegan and subsist on a diet of grains and grass and other plant foods.

Of course, the argument against this would be lions and tigers and other animals who are carnivores and live off the carcasses of other animals.

Humans are omnivores, so to speak, but humans seem to have illnesses and chronic diseases that are directly related to a diet high in animal meats. So, there is something to that because the by-products of animals seem to create problems in our bodies…

But the plant kingdom with all its fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and grains are full of an abundance of amino acids, enzymes and protein, and most people aren’t aware of this because they’ve been taught early on that you can ONLY get your protein from animal foods. This is such a falsehood and a myth.

So, I would answer that I get my protein from plants.

But regardless, it’s important not to get angry or upset with people questioning the vegan approach. We should display a positive attitude to show that our vegan lifestyle is working for us and giving us the energy and life-force that we need to carry on.

It’s Important to Monitor How You Feel

I think it’s important to monitor how you’re feeling moment to moment on a vegan lifestyle. Chances are, this is a new path for you and unless you’ve been a longtime vegan, you need to gauge how your feeling after you eat certain foods.

You can be vegan and eat potato chips, french fries and coke all day. That isn’t healthy, so a true vegan lifestyle focuses on healthy eating of organic whole foods and less emphasis on processed foods. Of course, this is highly debatable even among vegans. That’s why some people are raw vegan and avoid cooking foods because they believe it’s processed if cooked.

I personally believe in the Middle Path when it comes to a vegan lifestyle. Eat some cooked vegan foods and eat some raw vegan foods and you should be okay. And just try to avoid as much as possible vegan foods with a lot of ingredients or that has been processed extensively.

If anything, vegan foods in their whole food state is better than doing all kinds of things to them. But, the culinary aspect of veganism is appealing and helps keep one’s vegan lifestyle interesting and full of variety.

But if I feel anything negative as far as a reaction to foods go, I’ll try to find out what happened and what is the offending food. For me it’s been foods with a lot of gluten in them, like many of the vegan meats that they sell now. I stay away from them since they contain a lot of gluten and processed ingredients. And I stay away from all breads that contain gluten. Even recently, I found out that soy sauce has wheat in it. I was using a lot of it in a stir fry and didn’t feel too well, which was what led me to finding gluten in the soy sauce. So, now I’m using a gluten-free version.

To Summarize

If I am to be a successful vegan, there’s also a need to show others in social circles that the vegan lifestyle is working positively for me. That there is some improving on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This all gets into the topic of whole body awareness, but to me it’s very important. Let your own actions show, that you are doing the right thing and your vegan lifestyle is working and giving you the energy and life-force you need to get things done and to live your life.



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