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“In general, mankind, since the improvement in cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.” —Benjamin Franklin

Zen and the Art of Salad Presentation - pt. 4

Above Photo: Green salad, tangerine slices, avocado slices, tomatoes, olives and dressing.

Following Wendi’s advice, I’ve posted the latest articles on my new raw site, So, if you were interested or curious about my 100% raw food journey, I’ve actually continued it over there. And this would include my food diary, personal thoughts and articles promoting the benefits of the raw food lifestyle.

Going on this 100% raw food journey is not really a challenge any more. I’m used to it at this point, and I simply look forward to my favorite raw foods every day, and feeling amazingly alert, energetic and euphoric as I continue my journey.

If There’s One Thing I Can Say About Going Raw…

It’s the Greens!!!

Eat lots of them… salads, green smoothies, avocados, spinach, even the blue-green algae and spirulina… all excellent in helping continually heal and rejuvenate the body (and mind, and spirit)…

Our bodies are ALWAYS in a process of healing themselves from whatever poor food choices, additives, chemicals, pollutants, carcinogens are found in our environment.


And not to say that I don’t have any problems along the way. Things happen in life, but regarding my raw food journey… that’s one thing that is really helping me cope and “feel alive”, along with my yoga and meditation practice, which is not so daily.

Anyway, I’ll still post raw news and articles here, but mostly to point to all the raw activity happening at

A Raw To Zen Update

So here are some new articles that you may have missed, dedicated (with sincere devotion) to the raw food lifestyle!

A 2009 Start: Around The Rawgosphere! – 6 JANUARY 2009

7 Powerful Reasons To Eat Raw – 8 JANUARY 2009

7 Tips To Help You Stay Raw – 4 JANUARY 2009

Raw Realizations – 13 JANUARY 2009

100% Raw Food Journey, Day 65 – 13 JANUARY 2009

Today I am at Day 67 of my 100% raw food journey…



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