Inspirational Thoughts: Building Strength of Spirit, Character and Fortitude

As Easter is Upon Us…

As my thoughts are focused on this Holy Week and Easter Sunday, I am reminded of what it means to build character, especially in a world where our leaders (unfortunately) seem to lack it.

Yes, power and greed CAN corrupt the soul, so it’s even more important not to follow those who go down this path.

Strength of Spirit.

For those of us who can feel that we are spirits living in this material world, it’s important to stay attuned to our spirit through the practice of meditation, prayer and yoga.

Reading The Bible, or any of the Great Religions’ spiritual texts is very important to getting in tune with the infinite.

Simply gazing at the stars at night will cause one to feel in awe of this universe, and to ponder over how this was all created.

Strength of Character.

The building of one’s character is of the utmost importance, as it will help to keep our lives in perspective with the big picture and our place in this world.

I thank my parents for teaching me to do chores at the age of 5. I remember washing dishes and it wasn’t so much a chore as it was a form of meditation. Doing various tasks around the home can build character, if the work is treated like a meditation. Just like walking meditation, work can truly be a meditation.

Helping others is a form of building character. Of knowing that we are of service to people in need.

As a musician, when I perform it’s not with the mindset that I am a highly skilled musician and need to show off my talent… I feel that I am helping people (the audience) get to a special place that the music can take us. Music is a form of communication, of sharing emotional (and even spiritual) experiences.

But, even the simple act of sweeping the floor can help build character, and teach us humility and humbleness.

If we are caregivers helping our patients with the best of care, we are doing our part to help others and be of service.

Whatever it is we do to help others in need will help to build character for us, and help ourselves to grow in a more positive light.

Fortitude of Spirit

Fortitude means to endure with strength and courage through pain, suffering and adversity.

It’s important to also develop one’s fortitude in Life.

Not that we want to look for ways to cause us pain and suffering on purpose, because in essence we all want to experience happiness in our lives.

But if we are suffering under pain, suffering and much adversity, it will help us to build character but showing fortitude when the going gets tough.

Meditation, Yoga and Prayer can help us in this respect. For in a world that can be cruel and unforgiving, practicing Meditation, Yoga and Prayer can help us cope with the hardships in Life, and make us stronger.

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