The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites

The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites

No doubt, Facebook has been on a mission to stamp out and reject the proliferation of Fake News on the social networking website.

It’s just a sad truth that we have to even vet and fact check the news these days.

But on our own, and aside from Facebook’s mission to obliterate Fake News, we have a responsibility to double check the origins of these Fake News articles and reports. We tend to see something on Facebook, and we want to share them on our timeline without even looking at the original source of this news!

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The Wild Wild West

The Internet has become the Wild Wild West of the digital frontier, and I’m glad that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are taking steps to counter this new propaganda machine.

Websites like the Daily Dot are publishing their list of Fake News websites.

Moral of the Story: Don’t believe everything you read or see on the Internets. Period!

Your Responsibility As A Reader and Human Being

I highly recommend you check these out for yourself, and become acquainted with sites that are totally bogus and either bend the truth, manipulate half-truths or just totally flat out lie.

With many people flabbergasted at a Trump presidential victory, we have to look to these Fake News sites as a possible means to manipulate American voters and to bend the news in favor of a certain candidate.

And conspiracy theories have abounded in this last presidential election, and taken for truth! My God… how gullible are you people! And we never landed on the Moon, either!

It’s important for all of us to maintain our integrity, especially if the powers-that-be refuse to alter theirs. It’s important to spread the truth and not inadvertently spread the lies, either knowingly or innocently.

It’s time for everyone to step up and be aware (beware) of these Fake News sites.

In the end, honesty is always the best policy.



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