Investing Notes: Uptrending Stocks In May 2017

Investing Notes: Uptrending Stocks In May 2017

I’ve been tracking stocks with strong uptrends, and came up with four new positions below. I’ve been trading in and out of Apple for many years now, capturing profits and dividends, but I want to hold a position for the long term.

Boeing is another solid investment with a good dividend. And Trump promised expansion of defense spending, so Boeing (and Lockheed Martin) might be good investments at least for another 4 years.

As far as up-and-coming stocks go, Extreme Networks and Shopify are performing strongly.

All four stocks seem to be uptrending upward with impressive looking charts. Of course, it all depends on world events and news that can negatively affect these trends at any time. But for the most part, the fundamentals of these companies look strong.

Apple, Inc.


Boeing Company


Extreme Networks, Inc.

Extreme Networks

Shopify, Inc.




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