iPhone 7 Plus Sales Lead to Big Quarterly Earnings for Apple

This article covers iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Inc’s big Q1 earnings report.

iPhone 7 Plus Sales Lead to Big Quarterly Earnings for Apple

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus sales led the way in the first quarterly earnings report after the holiday season.

And even though Google has surpassed Apple as far as Market Cap goes, Apple was still the big winner in the smartphone industry.

Google’s Pixel smartphone, however, was a big alternative hit.

Apple announced its Q1 earnings report yesterday, January 31, 2017, after the trading session, and this morning the stock gapped up some $8 per share.

Doing Well Compared to the DOW

It’s interesting to note, that when Apple’s stock (AAPL) is doing well, much of the stock market follows with it to some degree.

Although, the DOW Jones Industrials have been following Apple’s lead, it has been pretty much staying neutral today. And although last week we saw the DOW surpass the 20,000 mark (with Trump taking credit for it), the DOW has slumped back down to around 19,800. This was most likely due to Trump’s recent executive order banning Muslim from the country (at least temporarily).

So, in essence, Apple big earnings report (and gap up) is irrelevant to the DOW and Trump rally that (incidentally) started after election day.



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