Just a Hodge-Podge of Swirling Randomness…

Happy Hump Day to all!

This morning, I’ve been busy with the stock market. And today so far it’s been a swirling vortex of red numbers.

On days like this it’s painful to watch, and I’m thinking about what Warren Buffett has said, to not look at the stock market (of course, he’s a value investor who holds onto stocks for years).

I suppose patience is a virtue.

. . . .

Music Practice

I was pondering on what a friend and musical colleague said to me the other day at the gig. It had to do with practice as opposed to playing with regards to music. And I agree that practice involves learning something entirely new and stumbling and trying to get through whatever new piece of music one is working on.

I guess, I mostly “play” music at home because I’m playing a lot of stuff that I already know. And that my “practice” time is a small percentage of my total time on piano or drums.

For me, I’m a slow tedious learner when it comes to difficult piano pieces. Like, it took me months just to get through the Maple Leaf Rag without having to stop. And now I know it. But, I have to continue to play it a few times a week, or at the very least I’ll lose the muscle memory and chops to get through the tune.

I’m not complaining, but if I get through warm-up exercises and playing musical pieces already learned (just to keep “knowing” the music), this could take a good couple of hours before getting to new music to practice and learn.

And this is just piano playing.

I still need to go through a few weeks (at least) of wood shedding on the drums. Working out drum solos which I’ll probably never get the opportunity to perform in the typical dance band setting. But, the main gist is to get into the Zen of all that, and think positively that eventually I’ll get the opportunity to do an extended solo rather than a 12 to 24 bar fill.

. . . .

The Stock Market

Anyway, I tend to switch gears back and forth between music and investing.

Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Chairwoman) did nothing to help boost the market this morning with her “testimony” before the Joint Economic Committee. Investors everywhere were hoping for a boost, so basically she was ineffective as a catalyst this morning.

Right now, the stock market has been very bearish. And, it has to do with a lot of factors. The whole Russian-Ukraine crisis is an ongoing problem that I believe has effected the stock market for a few months. And let’s not forget that whole Polar Vortex thing during the Winter months that caused stocks to slide.

I’m currently in long with Apple ($AAPL) and so far it was a good move going in at this point. And although the stock has been sliding down this morning, there is the upcoming 7-1 stock split in June. Apple stock has split a few times before, but this will be a big one. 7-1. That’s big!

I recently bought shares of Simon Property Group ($SPG) and already the stock has taken off, even today. And it has a good dividend return, which is what I’m trying to move towards, the dividend stocks for added growth.

Wynn Resorts (WYNN) and U.S. Geothermal ($HTM) are upsetting me this morning. These are my two worst performing stocks.

National Grid PLC ($NGG) and Lockheed Martin ($LMT) are two other stocks that started performing well from the get go.

Overall, the portfolio is doing well, despite a down day for the market.

. . . .


Regarding the cardio workouts.

Going well. And I’ve been walking/jogging around the 5+ mile course at Miramar Lake everyday since last Friday.

Yesterday I just walked it. It felt like my right calf muscle might cramp up so I didn’t jog.

I’ll do it again today around midday since the weather is overcast.

And last night I also did some free weights.

Anyway, more later…

I’m out.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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