Just a Random Update in December 2017

Just a Random Update in December 2017

It’s been a week since I got back from India and I’m still feeling jet lagged. Plus, on top of that I’m still feeling congested with a bad cold. Now it’s not so bad that I’m totally bed-ridden with fever and chills. I already had my flu shot. But, the situation is bad enough that I’m not back to my regular routines, and I find myself lying down a lot.

Anyway, we finally put the Christmas Tree up, and today we are supposed to put up the Christmas Lights.

I’m going to try and go for a long walk and see if that does the trick on getting me out of this jet lag vortex.

Of course, the jet lag prevents me from getting back to speed on my music and this blog.

In other news, I’ve been practicing my Indian cooking by making vegetable curry everyday, and I’m trying different recipes until I get close to the wonderful Indian Curries I ate back in India. I truly appreciate them now that I’m trying to make my own curries at home, and trying to duplicate what I tasted in India.

It’s a process…

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Sunday December 10, 2017 by Carlos Rull
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