Kalel’s Video on What She Eats in a Day, Vegan and Nutritious

Kalel is a very popular YouTube vlogger who is vegan. Her YouTube channel can be found here. Now, it looks like she deletes her videos after a certain length of time, so be aware of that if you check out her channel.

Kalel’s Video on What She Eats in a Day


It’s nice to see an extremely popular vlogger sharing her vegan experience, recipes, and what she eats in a day.

And in this recent video she shares what she eats in a day with an extreme emphasis on nutrition and getting high energy.

Great video.

I don’t know if she is gluten free, but I’m sure the foods she ate in this video are all, if not mostly gluten free.

What’s interesting is that she eats for the energy levels and to feel great.

This can be considered quite extreme to many, but in terms of getting high energy and feeling excellent, eating this way would be very beneficial for anyone in the long run.

I like how Kalel shares what she eats with great detail and commentary, and with a sense of humor. Just be aware that she lets out a few expletives every once-in-a-while.

Still, she posts great videos about her vegan experience, although the fact that she deletes her videos after awhile is rather mysterious. Why would she do that? I’m not entirely sure. And Kalel has posted lots of videos from a previous channel that has since been deleted. Kind of sad, but I think it had to do with a relationship breakup.

A good analogy about the nutritious concoctions she is sharing makes me think of the shots of wheatgrass I’ve had in the past. Yes, the stuff tastes just like grass, but juicing wheatgrass gives you an intense and very concentrated liquid beverage.

With me, my daily morning smoothies are very delicious. But yes, just eating steamed broccoli all by itself can be hard to do for many.

More on the extremely nutritious side of veganism later…



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