Keeping Your Focus on a Plant Based Diet

Keeping Your Focus on a Plant Based Diet

I was thinking back to the times when I still had cravings for certain non-vegan foods, like a Big Mac or some KFC.

It took years, but I absolutely do not have any cravings for the old animal foods that I used to love.

Granted, I feel so much better now than I did when I just didn’t care about what I ate, and would just jump at the chance to go through an In-n-Out Drive-thru and get a burger.

Then I went through a transition phase when I tried to duplicate those Big Macs by getting a Veggie Burger.

Cravings have been ingrained in our psyche since childhood to eat meat, that we are convinced in our minds that these foods are not only tasty, but supremely healthy for us.

Sad, that I see a lot of people my age now succumbing to heart attacks and stroke, and you’d think that people would make the changes in their life to eat healthier for their own survival, but alas, we are so dependent on those cravings that we are hopelessly addicted to them. And yes, maybe certain people are destined for a heart attack or a stroke because of their genetic makeup and family history. But, especially with people who are pre-disposed to heart attack and stroke, the more you’d think that they would eat a healthier diet.

Anyway, I tried at first to eat those mock meats as a transition food, like the veggie burgers and hotdogs, fake fish fillets and fake chicken nuggets, but processed food is processed food, and the bottom line is that we all need to eat organic whole foods as much as possible.

But, I am proud of myself that I’m more focused on a plant-based diet more than any other time in my life. I’m very focused but I had to ‘unlearn’ what I had learned, and I had to have the courage to step away from what was considered normal eating.

I have to believe that we have all been brainwashed by the Meat and Dairy Industries, and bombarded by the commercials and ads that promote processed foods, junk foods and fast foods.

The closest foods that have gotten their energy directly from the Sun are the foods to eat, especially plant foods and leafy greens, since they have stored that chlorophyll, that liquid sunshine in their leaves. That would be a direct source of energy from the Sun, rather than getting it second-hand from the flesh of animals who at the leafy greens to begin with.

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