Keith Jarrett & Chick Corea Play Mozart!

Silence is the potential from which music can arise.Keith Jarrett

Concerto For 2 Pianos & Orchestra In E-Flat Major, K. 365 (K. 316a): III. Rondeaux: Allegro

This is an excellent video featuring reknowned jazz pianists Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett performing this rare Mozart concerto for two pianos. I think there is a certain energy that transfers over from Jazz to Classical that makes this performance especially interesting and exciting.

art of improvisationThis is actually an excerpt from Keith Jarrett: The Art of Improvisation which is an excellent DVD. I highly recommend it, because it covers much of Keith Jarrett’s career in both classical and jazz genre’s, and covers much of what the essence of improvised music is all about.

A Few Highlights From the DVD

1. Of course, the double piano concerto above.

2. Keith Jarrett playing soprano sax (amazingly) with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian.

3. Excerpts of the Keith Jarrett Trio on tour.

4. I especially like the part where Keith tries out a couple of different concert grands, choosing one after sampling each in relation to the music hall, then deciding on the other piano after it had been taken off stage.

5. And quick snippets of Jarrett’s home in the forests of New Jersey and the barn that was converted into a recording and practice studio, with two concert grands and a drumset. Cool!



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