What Has Kept Me Vegan All These Years?

What Has Kept Me Vegan All These Years?

At the wedding reception gig last night, a couple of my musical colleagues pointed out that I look like one of the healthier Vegans they know. And of course, I felt flattered.
Yes, I had put a lot of hard work and dedication into being a Vegan, and if it shows then I’m glad, because the proof that your are a successful Vegan and look healthy is a sure sign the diet and lifestyle is working.

And they discussed how others had tried the Vegan Diet but couldn’t last long on it. And, yes you can lack some key ingredients in your Vegan diet, but that doesn’t make the diet itself flawed.

I mean, people on a Standard American Diet might be just as nutrient deficient if they don’t eat healthy foods.
And the same goes for the Vegan Diet, that you can still be nutrient deficient and be a Vegan.

For me, I have quit the Vegan Diet a few times in the past, but mainly out of a lack of knowledge and have just not been successful on it. And looking back, I realize I didn’t eat a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes and seeds.

At one point I was a Vegan and eating a lot of rice and beans because I was afraid of not getting enough protein.
And surely enough, during that time I gain a lot of weight, because a diet of ONLY rice and beans is not all that healthy.

So, I’ve learned a lot through the years, and today I am a more successful Vegan than ever before, because I’ve learned from my mistakes and trusted that the Vegan Diet was the right diet for me.

I think the key to my success as a Vegan lies with the Cron-o-meter App, or the use of any nutritional and activity tracking App. At least use it for a week and input your foods as accurately as possible. That way you will visually see just what kinds of nutrients (or lack of) your are getting. This is very important, because most of us are just winging it by not knowing exactly what we are eating.

And keep the foods as simple as possible, with lots of whole foods, which are easy to find in nutritional apps.

I do things like, weigh some steamed broccoli in ounces and then seeing on Cron-o-meter how many nutrients I’m getting.

Along with the Cron-o-meter App I use a digital scale that weighs all my food in ounces. It’s easy to use ounces and to me the most accurate.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with supplements, and I use a basic Vegan multi-vitamin everyday to ensure I’m getting enough Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium and other nutrients.

In addition, I use a reliable Vegan Protein Powder, and my current favorites are Sun Warrior Raw Protein Powder (expensive) and Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Pea Protein Powder (inexpensive). What scoop gives me half my protein requirements in a day when mixed into my morning Raw Cacao Smoothie.

The bottomline is that if you eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes, you really can’t go wrong on a Vegan Diet.

But you need to be dedicated and have a firm resolve to stay vegan, and you need to be strong in your commitment for when others try to say that your Vegan Diet isn’t healthy, because it truly is a healthy lifestyle, and could be a life saving one at that!

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