Keyboard Fantasies in the Key of F# Minor, and Other Stories

Dreaming A Little Smaller

Just a quick thought. I was watching an episode of Frasier when I came upon this quote, spoken to Daphne by her father:

Daphne: I can’t believe this is really happening. I mean, maybe I’m
naive, but I always thought love would save the day.

Harry: Well, you know, we all think that when we’re young. But then
life beats us around a bit and you learn to dream a little

Keyboard Fantasies in the Key of F# Minor

I’ve had a very busy week on this Holy Week 2018.

Starting from the previous weekend, On Saturday, I had a big society gig at some amazing mansion in La Jolla. The owners were donating their Chinese artwork to a museum.

On Sunday, I gigged for Pet Suites of Orange County with the Donnie Finnell Trio. This was an out-of-town gig so I got home rather late on Sunday night.

Tuesday, I had a gig once again with the Donnie Finnell Trio for a Senior Assisted Living Home. And Wednesday I have my usual piano gig.

I wished things were busier, but looking back, I was busy enough and by Thursday I was exhausted.

Of course, add to these gigs everything else I was doing, including Tai Chi and Yoga. And I did some walking on one of those days. So, I earned my rest.

More updates later…

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