Launching an Official Piano Journal

Launching an Official Piano Journal

Hello, everyone!

These days I’m performing more on the Piano than on Drums. So, it’s something rather new and exciting for 2017.

And if things go well, I should have a new piano gig that will keep me playing more Piano than anything else.

Which brings me to some exciting Piano pieces I’m practicing at home. Hopefully, I will incorporate these into my repertoire and set lists very soon!

I’m excited.

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument, in which the strings are struck by hammers. It is played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys (small levers) that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands to cause the hammers to strike the strings. Invented in about 1700 (the exact year is uncertain), the piano is widely employed in classical, jazz, traditional and popular music for solo and ensemble performances, accompaniment, and for composing, songwriting and rehearsals. —Wikipedia

Making It Official

I’ve written about Piano before, but now I’m making this an official category on my blog entitled, “Piano Journal”, and hopefully I can keep track of my progress and share it with everyone.

Here goes!

You can access my Piano Journal from the Site Index page.

What Am I Practicing?

  • Nessun Dorma – Puccini (from Turandot): This tenor aria is one of my all-time favorites in the Opera genre. And I’ve been working out my own arrangement of this musical piece. And, I want to do this justice, so I’m taking my time in working out how this will be played. It’ll be faithful to the original, so the arrangement will be subtle and meant to try to capture the essence of the original aria with backing orchestration.

    Playing it in G Major.

  • Ponta De Areia – Milton Nascimento: Possibly my favorite song (which I’ve already written about here) composed by this musical treasure from Brazil. Earth, Wind and Fire created a beautiful instrumental interlude of this song on their All ‘n All album. And Jazz Saxophonist Wayne Shorter has his own version of the song, featuring none other than Milton Nascimento himself providing the lead vocal.

    Playing it in F Major.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and

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