Preparatory Poses for Learning Full Lotus Pose

For older folks like myself, especially those getting back into Yoga after a long hiatus, it’s important to go easy at first when getting back into the Lotus Pose.

Preparing for Full Lotus Pose

Perhaps for those who are younger, Lotus Pose is easy. But even in my late teens and 20s, it was rather difficult to get into the Lotus Pose for meditation and holding it for a given length of time.

And for older adults, it’s very important to go easy and gradually get into it by practicing the preparatory poses.

Yoga asanas in general will prepare the body for full lotus pose. And I notice I can get into lotus pose after doing an hour of Yoga.

Patience is key.

Above all, don’t try to force yourself into any pose. For some it could take a few months to master any given pose.

Me in Full Lotus 10 Years Ago

Randomguru in Meditation

Me in Full Lotus When I was 20

At The Yokohama Friendship Bell - 2

A More Recent Pic in Full Lotus Pose

Seated in Meditation...



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