Lies, Lies, Lies… Yeah…

In Yoga, one of the important eight limbs of this practice is Yama, the moral and ethical practices.

An important part of Yama is Satya, the practice of truthfulness.

Now, with this new presidency, we’ve been hearing a LOT of new terms being thrown around. For one fake news, and yes it seems to be a growing problem, as there is fake news that at the very least bends the truth to sway people a certain way, politically.

Fake news, has the intention to make someone or a group of persons look bad. But, the reality is that it’s dishonest reporting.

But, the truth is that, although major news networks like CNN are being accused of delivering fake news, we have to see where these accusations are coming from.

The problem with the new president is that he is constantly caught in lies and deception. And, from a Yogic standpoint, this is not a part of the teachings. And it’s not a good practice.

In a few sentences, the new president will say that he never watches CNN fake news, but then will say he just watched CNN and he was commenting on something someone on CNN said. There are so many similar inconsistencies with the new president that you wonder if he’s doing this intentionally as a strategy or part of a plan, or he has some sort of mental issue when it comes to lying?

If one lies too much, one can not keep track of the lies and eventually they get found out.

But then we get into the realm of just saying whatever to sway people, telling people things they would like to hear than to tell the truth.

Now, there’s a point where, for the safety or concern for others, you don’t want to volunteer information. This could be considered lying. But lying is actually volunteering information that is not true. That is the difference.

Recently, the president talked about some terrorist event in Sweden, when even the Swedish government and its people were confused! Nothing really happened in Sweden, but then it was supposedly related to the growing influx of immigrants into Sweden and a rise in crimes like murder and rape.

The thing is, these reports can not be confirmed.

Anyway, one of President George Washington’s best known traits has been that he could not tell a lie.

And it’s a crying shame that we live in a country where today’s president has been caught in several lies, even bending the truth, and accusing others of outrageous claims that are lies.

Our presidents have not always been honest, but for the most part they have been held to the highest standards because of their position in the country and the world.

Let us just hope the next president is a little more honest, and we don’t have to filter through the horse sh*t.

’nuff said…



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and

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