Link Roundup: Macbook Air Notes, Reviews and Articles

I’ve owned a Macbook Air for 6 months now. It’s the 2012 Ivy Bridge edition.

So far, I am quite happy with it.

What has really impressed me about the Macbook Air?

  • Its light, super-thin size.
  • Its long battery life.
  • Its processor speed in relation to it’s software architecture.
  • The fact that you basically have UNIX underneath the hood! So the command line is very much like the Linux shell I used to work with.
  • Its elegant design.
  • And now that I’m used to it, the keyboard and how it lights up for night-time or airplane computing.
  • The intuitiveness and ease of Mac OS X.
  • All the software already included.

What is NOT so impressive about the Macbook Air?

  • The fact there’s no optical drive.
  • The things that worry me, like there’s no replaceable battery and disk drive.
  • And suddenly, my wireless capability isn’t so automatic. Maybe it’s something I need to reset (which I have tried in the System Preferences) but it seems every time I log in to my Macbook Air, I have to look for my network. Well, this might have something to do with my wireless router network. I’ll have to bring it in to the Apple Store and have the Genius Bar take a look at it.
Other than that, I’m actually quite happy with the Macbook Air. It’s almost the perfect ultra-book type laptop for the Person on the go.

In fact, I’m so happy with my Macbook Air that I’ve created it’s own category on my blog, to cover various tips and tricks and advice.

Notable Reviews, Etc…

For the latest news about the Macbook Air (mid 2013), check out these articles. It looks like the general design of the Macbook Air hasn’t changed, but inside there is a much longer battery life (all-day), faster processor, new Haswell chips, etc.

CNET: Inside the 2013 MacBook Air: SSD sizzles, graphics gain

Mid-2013 Macbook Air: Hands on Apple’s Newest Laptop

The more laptops change, the more the MacBook Air stays the same

New Macbook Air 2013 (11″ and 13″) [Youtube Video]

New MacBook Air (mid 2013) and AirPort Extreme teardown

First MacBook Air 2013 benchmarks

Apple MacBook Air hands-on and first I/O benchmarks (13-inch, mid-2013)



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