Live Blog: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Live Blog: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stock Market opened lower overall, due to continued tensions between the United States and North Korea.

Defense stocks, however, continue to rise amidst the tensions and threats coming from North Korea.

Now supposedly Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator behind all this, has the gout. And, they say it’s because he developed an addiction to a swiss cheese called Emmental! You notice how he’s been gaining weight in the last few years? Maybe his discomfort and ill-health transfers through his aggression? Who knows! But have noticed in the latest footage of Kim Jong Un that he walks with a slight limp, as if trying to hide his gout.

Anyway, on to stock market stuff…

6:53am – After 15 minutes of trading so far, the market indexes are down on continued threats made by North Korea. The portfolio is down overall, and the only stocks in the green are:

  • Raytheon [stock_quote symbol=”RTN”]
  • Boeing [stock_quote symbol=”BA”]
  • McDonald’s [stock_quote symbol=”MCD”]
  • CVS Pharmacy [stock_quote symbol=”CVS”].

7:40am – Walmart [stock_quote symbol=”WMT”] shares are trading lower today, possibly due to the news that it placed a Back-to-School sign over its guns section at one of its stores. Yes, that is tactless and distasteful. No question about it.

Check out: Walmart apologizes for back-to-school banner placed over gun display

8:35am – According to Bloomberg, Apron is the IPO bust of the decade, and their stock is worth far less than one of the company’s meals! Apron [stock_quote symbol=”APRN”] Ouch…

12:46pm – Well, it’s been a pretty ‘down’ day on the stock market today. The only portfolio stocks in the green so far are: McDonald’s [stock_quote symbol=”MCD”] and Johnson & Johnson [stock_quote symbol=”JNJ”].

Okay, I know McDonald’s is basically fast food, and I’m a vegan who’s trying to focus on healthy living, but as a company McDonald’s is doing quite well, so investment-wise it’s a good buy.

More later…

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