Live Blogging, Flexitarianism, Raytheon, World Leaders Octagon

Live Blogging, Flexitarianism, Raytheon, World Leaders Octagon

Today I’m trying something a little bit different. I’m blogging a post that covers my thoughts throughout the day. For instance, at 10:30am (right about now) I can post some thoughts here, then later at 1pm I can post more, so that this actual post covers a potential of multiple thoughts and ideas in one given day.

Sounds interesting?

Well, I try to make it creative, so as to keep it real and fresh.

10:33am – Let The Crazy World Leaders Duke It Out!

Yes, here’s a thought… let the hot-headed, crazy world leaders like Trump and Kim Jong Un duke it out in the octagon. I mean, we all want peace, and we don’t want to be pawns for some world leader’s temper tantrum.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.53.58 AM

So, let the world leaders fight in the octagon, and sell tickets at a venue like Madison Square Garden, and let all the proceeds go to end world hunger once and for all!

10:45am – Raytheon Surging for a Second Day

I’ve been telling people that Raytheon (RTN) is climbing because of the North Korea / U.S. conflict, and Raytheon specializes in defense systems like missiles and such. The stock has been surging the past two days.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.06.12 AM

4:50am – Flexitarianism vs Veganism

Veganism is the complete absense of all animal foods, from red meat, poultry, to pork, seafood, dairy and cheese. Anything that came from an animal that has been designated by humankind to eat is avoided on a vegan diet.

Flexitarianism is, in my view, is the effort to try to be a vegan, but depending on one’s own rules, practices eating animal foods on occasion. This is good as a means to transition (eventually) to veganism, as it is extremely difficult for some to make that transition. While on the other end of the spectrum, some people can literally transition overnight!

Myself, I transitioned cold turkey, adopting a vegan diet in the mid-1990s, subsisting on various vegan burritos as a means to transition. It was also a low-fat way to lose weight too. I was an easy convert to veganism, having been on water and juice fasts when I was younger; so going vegan was quite easy compared to fasts.

Since then I have transitioned to a raw food diet, then tried paleo, going back to a vegan diet that includes
More later…

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