Live Blogging: Solar Eclipse Day in America

Live Blogging: Solar Eclipse Day in America

Today, for better or worse, I’ll be ‘live blogging’ the stock market on the day that a solar eclipse will make its way across the United States.

In San Diego, we’re supposed to see a 58% partial solar eclipse around 10:24am this morning.

I have my solar eclipse glasses so I’m ready to rumble, providing the morning overcast blows away before 10:00am.

And how will this affect the stock market today?

There are many superstitions out there regarding solar eclipses. And although I do personally believe that the moon, planets and other celestial orbs DO have some sort of influence on us, many of these superstitions are founded on fear and ignorance. But everyone knows that the Moon has a certain amount of influence on our planet,
such as the tides, etc. So, the solar eclipse could affect us in subtle ways.

6:23am – Getting geared up for the opening bell.

Key stocks on my watch list this morning:

  • Century Link – [stock_quote symbol=”CTL”]
  • BP Prudoe Bay Royalty Trust – [stock_quote symbol=”BPT”]
  • National Grid – [stock_quote symbol=”NGG”]

6:42am – So, the Great American Eclipse is here, right? And, I’m looking out the window to an overcast morning. Hopefully the clouds will blow away, and already I’m seeing some hints of blue skies. Is this all worth the hype? Lots of companies have been taking advantage of all this in order to capitalize off this hype. I hope some people who’ve traveled far to see a total eclipse won’t be disappointed with cloudy skies or rain.

7:15am – So far the market has been down this morning, so no big rally on solar eclipse day.

This morning’s portfolio winners so far:

  • Shopify – [stock_quote symbol=”SHOP”]
  • Procter & Gamble – [stock_quote symbol=”PG”]
  • Johnson & Johnson – [stock_quote symbol=”JNJ”]
  • McDonald’s – [stock_quote symbol=”MCD”]

8:16am – So at this exact moment, the sun has burst through the clouds. It looks like a good morning for a partial solar eclipse!

9:37pm – I was super-busy doing a variety of things, including watching the partial solar eclipse from San Diego. But, it was a nice experience and I did use my special glasses.

I picked up shares of Century Link [stock_quote symbol=”CTL”] and AT&T [stock_quote symbol=”T”], two stocks I haven’t traded before, so here we go…

I’m out…

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