Live Blogging the Stock Market: August 1, 2017

Live Blogging the Stock Market: August 1, 2017

I seldom get to do this, but since I woke up at 4am, trolling around the Stock Market news this morning, I thought I’d once again live-blog the stock market.

And this usually entails rummaging through this morning’s Wall Street news as well as checking out some possible picks.

And right off the bat I’m seeing that Sprint [stock_quote symbol=”S”] is posting positive quarterly earnings not seen in 3 years? Of course, the stock hasn’t been doing so well, BUT it’s a cheap stock to buy mega shares. The only thing that prevents me from investing in the company is the stock performance. And the fact that it has no dividend. Other than that I’m going to be following this one today.

finviz dynamic chart for  S

6:40am – Sprint [stock_quote symbol=”S”] is gapping up this morning at $8.56, but I’m still hesitant to dive in… this is a 7.39% spike.

6:41am – Shopify (S) has gapped up too. Once again close to its 52-week high at more than $101 a share, spiking up 10+ percent.

6:50am – [stock_quote symbol=”ING”] gaps up this morning, although it’s just a 0.35% change.

6:53am – Goldman Sachs [stock_quote symbol=”GS”] has gapped up this morning. Up 1.14%.

6:59am – Under Armour [stock_quote symbol=”UA”] shares fall, as the company eliminates some 2% of its workforce and lowers its sales outlook for 2017. Bummer… well, I used to buy their workout clothing but I confess they’ve been putting out some sucky stuff lately, so I typically stay away from them. I get my workout shirts and tank tops from a local store.

8:06am – Non-related to the stock market… enjoying Colbert’s monologue focused on Anthony Scaramucci… very funny!

8:12am – The Big Detroit Three down 10% or more? C’mon fellas! We taxpayers bailed you guys out back in 2008-2009? And you’re still failing on dismal sales reports… [stock_quote symbol=”F”], [stock_quote symbol=”GM”], [stock_quote symbol=”FCA”]

8:17am – Meanwhile, Toyota [stock_quote symbol=”TM”] gapped up this morning.

8:40am – And it’s time for me to go! This was a quick 2 hours of live blogging the stock market… and I leave you with one of the more positive articles from this morning’s business news.

Why July may have set up the stock market for a very good year

The stock market’s strong July performance may ward off some of the negative action that often comes in late summer — and set up 2017 for more sharp gains.

While strategists warn the usually rocky late summer period would be a logical time for a pullback, technicians at Strategas point to a historic trend where the market typically does better than average when the month of July has been strong.

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