Live Blogging: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Live Blogging: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I’m taking the opportunity to post another live session, focusing primarily on the stock market.

But, also focusing on a hodge-podge of random stuff.

The stock market opens in above 5 minutes as I write this.

I don’t know about you, but I find it kind of exciting to be blogging early in the morning and doing some stock market research. I bought my first pre-market stock, so I’m kind of nervous and excited at the same time. But, we’ll see how that goes this morning…

Pre-Market Investing

Trading opportunities don’t end just because the stock market closes. Investors can still trade news reports and company announcements using the electronic communications networks, or ECNs. Designed to match up after-hours buyers and sellers, pre-market trading has one major disadvantage traders need to consider: With so few investors trading, the low volume can widen the spread between the bid and ask

7:39am – I bought CVS [stock_quote symbol=”CVS”] during pre-market hours, and I guess I’m regretting it now, as news this morning said earnings beat out estimates. So, I tried to buy pre-market a couple of times this month, but couldn’t because maybe shares were unavailable to buy pre-market. I was wondering why CVS was such an easy buy in the pre-market hours. Live and learn.

In other news, Raytheon [stock_quote symbol=”RTN”] was a great recent purchase, as the stock is surging this morning!

finviz dynamic chart for  RTN

8:01am – It is becoming very apparent that Tesla [stock_quote symbol=”TSLA”], Fitbit [stock_quote symbol=”FIT”] and GoPro [stock_quote symbol=”GPRO”] are surging big this morning!

8:05am – CVS [stock_quote symbol=”CVS”] is trying to make a comeback from this morning’s gap down…

Check back… more later…

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