Monday, April 23, 2018: Random Investing Thoughts

Zen and the Art of Waiting

For many value investors like Warren Buffett, I’m sure there is an art to holding to stock positions for periods of 3, 5 or more years. After all, a value investor is investing on the corporation, and looking at companies with intrinsic value and potential to grow and profit through the next several years.

Whereas, the trader is betting on beating the stock market with shorter positions, and taking advantage of uptrends (or downtrends if you’re shorting a stock). But, right now (especially when the market is in correction territory) it can be hit and miss, and the average Day Trader or Swing Trader will be doing more work, spending longer hours trying to gather data and information in order to know when to purchase a stock and when to unload it.

It is good to have a portfolio that takes advantage of short term and long term changes in the market in order to have a flexible portfolio. And keeping those long term dividend stocks to help generate more income.

And when the market is in correction territory, one simply does nothing. And waits wisely and patiently for opportunities to arise.

The Apple Blues

Apple investors should be worried that the realities are coming to fruition that the iPhone X suffered from weak sales simply because consumers couldn’t justify such a high-end purchase for a smartphone.

Analyst’s are predicting that the iPhone X will be ‘killed off’ this year.

I think part of the problem is actually a good thing, the fact that the iPhone market is pretty saturated right now.

But, year to date, Apple’s stock performance is in the negative for the year as we ended the trading session with AAPL at $165.24 a share.

What will happen next?

That is one question that is most likely causing short term investors to sell.

Apple, Inc. (AAPL)
finviz dynamic chart for  AAPL

Portfolio Status

You can always check out my portfolio’s recently performance here. I don’t update it regularly given the time constraints, but I do post the last time the portfolio page was updated. So do check it out when you can.

Today’s winners: FDX, CAT, CSCO, RTN

Today’s losers: AAPL, ISRG, STLD, SHOP

FedEx (FDX)

The big winner today was FedEx, although we have a ways to go to get back to all-time highs.

finviz dynamic chart for  FDX
Shopify (SHOP)

Today’s biggest loser was Shopify (SHOP), but my overall gain is 44%, so I’m not too worried as I bought the stock at a good buying point.

finviz dynamic chart for  SHOP

Market Wrap by Investing Teresa

Special thanks go to Investing Teresa for doing her market wraps on YouTube. Thanks so much for the valuable information!

Disclaimer: The content provided here is for information and entertainment purposes only. It’s not intended as an offer or solicitation to purchase any investment. And this material should not be taken as investment advice. Investing in equities is subject to extreme volatility.
Trade at your own risk.

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