Monday, June 11, 2018: Indexes Flat, Portfolio Winners – ISRG, T, FDX

At Least We Ended In The Green

DOW +5.78   •   NASDAQ +14.41   •   SP500 +2.97   •   NYSE +24.89

Today was a lackluster day on the stock market. Overall, not much volume, and not much momentum. At one point I noticed the DOW was over 100+ points and then quickly retreated.

One thing good about today is that the stock market didn’t seem to be affected by geopolitical events, didn’t care about the hoopla at the G7 Summit, nor did it seem to care for what Trump had to say.

And now the stock market doesn’t seem to care about the Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore, which I guess is a big deal that they are finally meeting.

Which brings me to weapons and defense stocks. Stocks like BA, RTN, NOC and GD aren’t doing as well this year as they did in 2017. But, I’m still holding on to BA and RTN as they belong to my big winners circle. Well, that’s what I’ll call the group of stocks that are doing amazingly well. BA is almost at 100% profit and doing superbly for having picked up shares back in May 2017.

I’m still looking at the FAANG stocks (FB, AAPL, AMZN, NFLX and GOOG) and recently acquired Netflix. My positions in AAPL and AMZN are doing fine so far.

The one big surprise in the portfolio is AT&T (T), which has gained 6.98% in just a few weeks! Now keep in mind, for those who don’t trust stocks and think they are doing fine with a CD account, CDs can only give you around 1%. My Credit Union can do 1.25% APY for a 25 Month Certificate. And that’s another thing. You have to keep your money tied up with a CD for several months. With stocks you can quickly get in and out. You can day trade a stock, you can hold it forever almost. The liquidity is there.

But, the awesome thing about stocks is that if they are good stocks (and especially with good dividends) you will earn well over 1.55%… you can earn 200% profit!

Let’s take a look at today’s portfolio winners…

Today’s Portfolio Winners

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)

Intuitive Surgical has been solid lately. I remember years when the stock was highly volatile. But since the 3-1 stock split it has been performing pretty well. There’s no dividend, and goes against my basic philosophy of acquiring stocks with dividends, but the future is medical robotics, and ISRG is at the head of the pack with its Da Vinci medical robot, and the FDA approved Intuitive Surgical’s newest medical robot.

This stock should be hitting 500 soon. It’s an expensive stock but I think it has some room to grow.

finviz dynamic chart for  ISRG
AT&T (T)

AT&T was rated a grade of ‘D’ on Portfolio Grader. The stock has been struggling and slowly falling in the past several months. But, it appears to have a new spark of life as it has been slowly uptrending the past few weeks.

I just bought the stock not too long ago, based on someone telling me that it’s considered a Widow-and-Orphan stock, high in dividends and low risk. And in the few weeks I’ve owned the stock it has profited 6.98%. And with the above average dividend yield, I’m planning to hold this stock for a long time.

finviz dynamic chart for  T
FedEx (FDX)

I bought shares of this stock right after my birthday and right after Trump’s SOTU address. And the stock plummeted big time along with much of the stock market. Call it a market correction or mini-crash, but earlier in 2018 we were all struggling as the stock market kept tumbling week-after-week.

And now FDX is beginning to bounce back. I might hold onto this one, or I might sell once I’ve reached a nice profit. I’m not decided yet, but I think this stock will eventually surge…

finviz dynamic chart for  FDX

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