Monday Tuesday Edition: 33,333 Listens on

The Big 33,333

Well, this is somewhat of a major milestone for me.

I signed up at on January 23, 2006.

And recently, I finally hit the 33,333 mark as far as tunes listened to (that were scrobbled on… meaning, that it was tallied from my computer’s music player!).

I’m just sorry to say that I didn’t mark 11,111 or 22,222 listens as major events. Oh well. I’m looking forward to documenting the big 44,444. Lol.

. . . .

Music Appreciation 580

Now with all the genres of music I listen to, and the fact that most of the time I have my music player playing something, from Ambient Music to Zydeco, I wonder why I haven’t hit the big 111,111 listens. Well, it’s all about what you listen to on and whatever was scrobbled from your music player. For instance, I listen to an awful lot of tunes that are very long… like, classical symphonies and Keith Jarrett solo improvisations that stretch on for 30 plus minutes. I guess I could really tally up the count if I just listen to all those 2 minute Beatles songs!

I wasn’t able to actually scrobble until only recently. Amarok music player in Ubuntu has a scrobble feature built right into the player. So, that makes it quite easy? Just wondering (since I don’t use iTunes any more… does iTunes have a scrobbler for

I’m just glad there is a place where I can share whatever music I listen to with others. Not that I think whatever I listen to is important… well, actually… as a serious lover of music, naturally I think whatever I listen to is a major event. I think we all think this, and it’s not an ego thing, or being arrogant. It’s just the joy of sharing with others what wonderful music we have newly discovered, or listen to as a repeated favorite.

What I REALLY like about is that it gathers up all the tracks listened to and compiles a great set of statistics. This is useful, of course, to everyone (including myself) who wants to view all the stats of my listening experience. Which, in turn, makes this all the more useful, informative, and entertaining.

What I’m definitely noticing, from my personal listening habits, is that I tend to listen to a lot of quiet music, eclectic with a lot of space between notes, where the music isn’t too saturated and dense. And, I like very good, exeptionally clear and pristine recordings! Of course, I like a lot of music, and I can tolerate many of the older recordings that weren’t recorded with audiophile specs in mind, and geared more toward radio, etc… but, I tend to gravitate toward the best studio recordings in my collection.

. . . .

Beyond The Music


Back to Cardio and Working Out

In other news, I started back on a cardio routine, walking/jogging around the lake. It’s always been a nice gentle, flat course; making it easy to get back into the routine.

And still maintaining my 100 pushups a day, along with 100 squats and jumping rope 100 times. The 100 pushups are fairly easy now, and routine. I’m thinking I should jump up to 120 pushups?

Back to Drumming Basics

And I’m also back to a regular practice pad routine to further improve my drumming technique. And also practicing the standard rudiments again.

High Raw Vegan Diet

As far as diet. I confess my diet has been all over the place. But, I’m getting back into a high-raw, living foods diet. I stress the “living foods” because that is primarily the emphasis. Eating foods that still have life in them, and that usually comes down to sprouts, greens and fruits and vegetables.

I’m glad to be getting back into a healthier diet. My diet during the first half of the year was terrible, and reflected it in my health and appearance. I need to get back in health and I’m feeling the motivation and the inspiration.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and

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