Morning Cup Edition: Zen Garden Network

This is the Morning Cup Edition of the Zen Garden Network.

Captain Fantastic

I finally saw the movie Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortensen. I have to say this was a great independent film, and I highly recommend it. Viggo’s performance earned him a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars. But, the Oscar went to Casey Affleck for his performance in Manchester By The Sea, another great film, although quite depressing.

Anyway, not to give the entire plot away. Viggo’s character is a father who raises his 6 children in isolation in the forests and mountains of Washington State, and is forced to bring them into society after 10 years.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, the movie is available for FREE.

Stocks Are In Spin Cycle Mode?

I don’t know about the stock market this week. Not much upward movement and the major indexes are just spinning in neutral… the major upward trends of the past two months seemed to have ceased.

We are either back to business as usual, with the ups and downs, or the market is waiting for some good news. Either way, let’s just be glad that there isn’t another major downturn. Knock on wood!

I purchased shares of PFE (Pfizer Inc.) today and already that position is slightly in the negative for the day. Yes, I should’ve waited, but my main emphasis is to buy the stock as a dividend earning stock.

All Foods Have Protein!

Once again, a relative asked me where I got my protein, being on a Vegan Diet. Yes, this question gets very old quickly….

All foods have protein!!!

Greens have protein! That’s why Cows can eat lots of grains and grass and be huge animals with a lot of muscle.

Okay, here’s proof from yesterday’s intake on Cron-o-meter. And 79.3 grams of protein is a healthy amount, and I fulfilled all my amino acid requirements. No problems.

Vegan - Protein Intake



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