Morning Cup: Orlando, Meatloaf and Kim Kardashian’s Bootay

This is the Friday Edition of the Morning Cup

kim kardashian

I’m sipping my usual cup of Starbucks from my Verismo machine this morning. Yes, it came out exceptionally fine today.

They say it’s going to be a HOT one in San Diego this weekend, and over 100F on Monday! Eeh gads!

Anyway, a lot going on this weekend. My youngest son’s belated birthday party, gigs to play, and just overall cleanup of the house, and the usual practicing, gardening, and web surfing.

And let’s not forget Father’s Day this Sunday!

Orlando: The Aftermath

Now that families begin to bury their loved ones 6 days after the worst mass shooting in American history, all sorts of weird and crazy details are coming out.

Reports: Orlando gunman, wife exchanged texts during rampage

So, the killer was not only a psychopath and total hater, he was a narcissist as well, checking Google and social media sites to see how his killing spree was trending. And during a break in the shooting was exchanging texts with his wife and contacting a friend.

Boy, this guy was all sorts of crazy, and there had been signs that he was a hateful person, but you know the saying, “hindsight is always 20/20 vision”. The thing is, at what point do you say, “let’s detain this guy before he does the evil deed”?

I don’t know all the legal stuff surrounding this, but unfortunately until he actually killed someone, he had certain rights protected by our constitution, like buying guns… but, the gun store DID contact the FBI when he asked for body armor. And hundreds of rounds of ammunition should be a red flag right there.

Ugh. My heart goes out to those victims, and their families who are suffering this horrific tragedy. And I pray for the critically wounded who are still clinging on to life.

Meatloaf Collapses on Stage

Meat Loaf collapses on stage in Canada

Aging rockers.

It’s just the sign of the times, my friends.

Just weeks ago ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza collapsed on stage and died of a heart attack. You’ve got aging rockers probably on meds with high blood pressure and all the other debilitating diseases of old age.

And the best musical heroes of our generations are dropping like flies. David Bowie and Prince to name a few. So sad.

Kim Kardashian Bootee-licious Wrapping Paper

Kim Kardashian

First off, I’m thinking who’s going to buy this stuff? Unless you’re getting someone a gag gift, or you’re attending to a frat party. Heaven forbid someone uses this wrapper for a kid’s birthday party! I mean, at first glance they just look like balloons! And if you absolutely didn’t know about this, you might just gloss over the fact that’s Kim Kardashian’s booty. Well, it’s possible! hehe…

I’m out. 🙂



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