Morning Cup: The Random Hump Day Edition

Morning Cup: The Random Hump Day Edition

Right now I’m sipping my rare cup of decaf coffee (Starbucks Verismo Decaf Espresso) and my gluten-free oatmeal by Nature’s Path. And it feels like a healthy vegan start to the day. And it’s also raining lighty outside but we are officially in Spring and we still need rain in San Diego.

By the way, San Diego has been feeling like Seattle lately, what with all this rain.

We’re out of bananas this morning so I didn’t make my usual morning Raw Cacao Smoothie!

No worries. We have to adapt to the changing circumstances around us; we have to be able to improvise. Just like in Jazz, Life can be fluid.

My Mostly Vegan Life

I was checking back on a post I wrote in 2013 entitled: 03.27.2013 “Hump Day Edition”

During that time, I was NOT a vegan like I am today. And, it made me think of all the times I fell off the vegan wagon. Well, that sounds like a lot of times, the way I mentioned that just now.

But, we are in 2017 now, and with a couple of mishaps along the way, I’ve pretty much been a devout vegan throughout my life. I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian, a lacto-vegetarian, a pescatarian, and variations of all this throughout my lifetime.

And, once or twice in my life I just totally let myself go, and we’re talkin’ KFC fried chicken almost everyday and two plates full of rice.

At one time, I was pushing 250 lbs on what I consider myself to be a medium-size frame. Recently, I weighed in at 180 lbs. And, without clothes probably around 175 or 178. And people are seeing the difference and making positive comments.

Going Gluten-Free

See, for the past couple of years, I’ve been a serious vegan and I’m also gluten-free now. And I think this change to gluten-free is the big difference for me. Because I was vegan in the past, I would eat a lot of bread, beer and other stuff with gluten in it. And, I would feel bloated and my face felt fat. I’d be more sluggish with gluten-laden foods, especially those fake hotdogs and hamburgers made with wheat.

At least, if you’re not a vegan, gluten-free is something to seriously consider, as you’d be surprised at all the foods that contain gluten in it, and per many star athletes who’ve gone gluten-free, they feel the difference as gluten can be a highly inflammatory food.

It seems to me that I can bounce back faster after heavy exercise on a gluten-free, vegan diet. Emphasis on the gluten-free.

Of course, combining gluten-free and veganism seems to give me higher energy levels than simply being a vegan.

My oatmeal this morning was gluten free. And there are more and more products out there that contain the gluten-free stamp.

Anyway, just something to consider if you are feeling bloated and sluggish and you’re wondering why.



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