Morning Cup: Stocks, James Comey, North Korea, Sean Spicer

Morning Cup: Stocks, James Comey, North Korea, Sean Spicer

The DOW is up today so far, and we have an hour and a half until the trading session closes.

In fact, it’s a pretty darn good day on Wall Street today since the major stock indices are in the green. Of course, some stocks are struggle and AAPL is down, but is this a buying opportunity since the company surpassed the $800 billion market cap milestone!

Some analysts are talking 1 trillion, but let’s not get that excited. Trump’s administration is in some sort of turmoil after the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Now, no matter how the Trump Administration and the right-wing conseratives spin it, it doesn’t look pretty. And, this debacle was reflected in the stock market performance last week.

The James Comey Debacle

A lot of unprecedented things are happening with the Trump administration: Nepotism, as Trump’s children somehow seem to be involved either directly or indirectly. And since Trump was a billionaire businessman prior to becoming president, there’s the ongoing question of his tax returns and possible conflicts of interest. Things like Donald Trump settling out-of-court with the class action lawsuit against Trump University, where many lost a lot of money in a university that was a failure and very questionable at best.

So, James Comey was fired because he was investigating a possible connection between the Trump administration and Russia, and prior during the election campaign. What’s scary is that was inconsistencies between Trump and his staff. And Trump has threatened James Comey about possible recorded conversations. If Trump has recorded conversations he needs to bring them to federal authorities… and the debacle continues, while the Republicans seem to look the other way.


North Korea Bullies

North Korea has threatened the free world with all these nuclear missile tests, this latest one reaching 500+ miles, which they say can quite possibly reach Guam.

The big problem is the Trump administration. As Trump has said he is open to a military conflict with North Korea. Hello? You don’t want to go there! And even Vladimir Putin is suggesting to China and the U.S. to not get Kim Jong Un’s feathers all ruffled up.

Yes, he lives by his own set of rules, but I worry that Trump will not be able to handle the situation diplomatically.

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Where Is Sean Spicer?

Boy, Sean Spicer has had it rough ever since becoming Trump’s press secretary. And it’s gotta be tough to come up with alternative facts and answering to the inconsistencies and back pedaling of Trump’s tweets.

And he’s being made a mockery on SNL by Melissa McCarthy… And at one point we saw a woman taking over for Sean Spicer… will he eventually be fired as well. Who knows…

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