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Vegan Diet

It’s a fact that, if you are Vegan, you have to read the ingredients for packaged foods very carefully. I’ve caught myself a couple of times buying something I thought was Vegan-Friendly, but had some dairy, cheese or even gluten (for those also going gluten-free).

Special caution must be exercised with foods that are packaged as if they were Vegan-Friendly, especially at supermarkets like Whole Foods or Sprouts. And read the fine print. All of it. I found the words ‘made with milk’ which was not found in the official ingredients list! Shame!

And here’s something interesting. Foods that you may have thought were Vegan, but aren’t!

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Goat Yoga?

Maybe there’s something to this? But I guess there’s something natural about doing your Yoga practice amongst goats and other farm animals?

Sounds like a fad to me, but check it out…

Yoga With Goats, It’s a New Craze

Green Living with Leeks

I seldom eat Leeks, but maybe I should start eating this nutritious vegetable.

Check out: 13 Savory Recipes That’ll Make You Love Leeks

Egg Nutrition Science

Interesting read about the egg. Being a Vegan I don’t eat eggs, obviously, and I choose to avoid them because of the cholesterol content. But this article says it doesn’t raise cholesterol in the blood stream that much. What’s worse is sugar and trans-fats, which can raise triglyceride levels.

Of course, the worst is saturated fats coming from animal products.

Check out: Unscrambling the Nutrition Science on Eggs

Cholesterol no doubt contributes to heart disease by literally blocking our blood vessels. And eating cholesterol can raise levels of it in the blood, but, as a growing body of research has shown, not by that much. Consuming sugar, trans-fats, or excessive saturated fat can be more harmful to cholesterol levels than dietary cholesterol itself. Most of the cholesterol in our bodies we make ourselves in the liver, and total body levels are heavily influenced by genetics, gender and age.



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