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Tonight’s Gig

I’m performing on a yacht today called the “California Spirit”, which will go around San Diego Bay. I’ll be performing Jazz, Blues and some Classic Songs, so I’m looking forward to this, although someone mentioned to bring a thick coat or jacket; as it’s sure to get cold out there on the bay.

Current Focus

I’d like to think I listen to practically everything out there, from the current popular artists to the many obscure artists.

What is music?

It is a language of expression utilizing some sort of instrument to convey melody, harmony and rhythm.

But, music is many things to many people. It could be falling leaves and wind, to utter distortion and noise. It depends on the intent, and it must come from the heart and soul to truly be meaningfull.

Music, should uplift the heart and soul….

That said, I just wanted to focus on a few musical artists whom I’ve been focusing on lately.

. . . .

Lisa Hannigan

I didn’t find out about Lisa Hannigan until I started listening to Irish folk singer/songwriter Damien Rice. She had collaborated with him and was featured throughout Rice’s debut album “O” (2002) in which she sang lead and backing vocals.

To me she has a very demure, intimate voice, yet very distinctive.

And there’s sort of a timelessness about her that intrigued me.

Her debut album came out a couple of years ago, so I’m a bit late on finally getting into her music, but her album “Sea Sew” is a pretty amazing debut album. I hope to hear more from her with future releases.

Lisa Margaret Hannigan (born 12 February 1981) is an Irish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Her music has led to much success, critical praise, airplay and award nominations in her native Ireland and, more recently, in the United States. Hannigan is best known for having accompanied the highly successful singer-songwriter Damien Rice. —Wikipedia

. . . .

Lisa Hannigan – Lille

“Lille” is a very beautifully performed song, and Lisa Hannigan’s voice is timeless. The instrumentation is impeccable and fully accoustic. Her words are poetic and full of imagery.

Of all the songs on her album, perhaps “Lille” is reflective of her collaboration and romantic relationship with Damien Rice.

Rice admitted that he and Lisa were romantically involved throughout the course of their professional relationship, and that he would now give up all his musical success to be with her again. However he notes that she has not spoken to him since they broke up in Munich. —Wikipedia

He went to sea for the day
He wanted to know what to say
When he’s asked what he’d done
In the past to someone
That he loves endlessly
Now she’s gone, so is he

. . . .


I’ve been into the so-called “New Age” movement from the very beginnings. Over the years the term “New Age” had sort of suffered from a bad reputation, disregarded or simply written off and criticized. I think there have been a few so-called New Age artists who gave the musical movement its bad reputation.

Overall, however, New Age music is a vibrant, positive musical experience that focuses on the imagery and feelings the music conveys, which make much of the music perfect for contemplation, meditation and yoga.

New Age music is music of various styles intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation,[1] and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments, and is often associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality. —Wikipedia

There have been many rock bands that have experimented and pioneered a lot of the concepts being New Age music, like Yes and Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno. But, officially, the first ever New Age album was Tony Scott’s “Music for Zen Meditation” (1964), which probably came out unnoticed because of the sudden popularity of The Beatles, perhaps.

Deuter is a German New Age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles. —Wikipedia

Deuter is one of the pioneers of New Age music. He spent many years in India creating meditative music under his guru Osho.

. . . .

East of the Full Moon

Here’s a nice track from Deuter’s album “Eternity”.

So far, Eternity is my favorite Deuter album. The recording is pristine and clear. The music is subtle and creates a sonic atmosphere, and is more on the ambient side. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, background and ambient music to be played around the house. If I had a stereo system that piped music to every room in the house, this would be the perfect background music….

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