My 13″ Macbook Air Rubberized Hard Case Cover Has Arrived!

After I dropped my iPhone 4S on the tiles last week and the glass screen shattered (even with my case), I’ve been paranoid about dropping something else and breaking it.

Let’s face it. Accidents DO happen. I think you’d be a fool to think you can prevent them completely. And, even today I was cleaning the Living Room and dropped one of the glass tea light holders and it shattered as well.

Lately, I confess I’ve been accident-prone.

So, in my paranoia, I purchased a Rubberized Hard Case Cover for my 13″ Macbook Air (by Kuzy) from I chose the black color, but there are many other colors to choose from.


Here’s a link to the product on Amazon: Kuzy – AIR 13-inch BLACK Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ (Models: A1369 and A1466) – BLACK

It has a 4 star rating on, and a brand new one was priced at $25.00 USD. With the 2-3 day shipping fee the total came to about $33.00 USD. The product arrived in 2 days.

I was also looking at a similar black hardcover by Speck, which was available at the Apple Store. I went to Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics and they were all out of the 13″ Macbook Air cover. The 13″ Macbook Pro cover was readily available. But, I just couldn’t see myself forking over $50 for a laptop cover. And, the ratings for the Speck cover were slightly lower at 3.5 stars.

So far I’m happy with the cover by Kuzy. It was easy to snap the two pieces in place, one for the top cover/screen and one for the underside. The hardcover lifts the bottom slightly, allowing for more air beneath the laptop, which is always good. The four rubberized feet at the bottom provides an anti-slip bonus, which is great.

This cover definitely has a rubberized feel, so it’s much easier to grip than the smooth aluminum surface of the Macbook Air.

All in all, I’m very happy with this new purchase.

My only regret was the Apple Logo not showing through the black cover as I had expected. The picture on gave the impression that the Apple logo really shows through, and in reality it does but it’s dimmer than expected and it’s not as defined as in the photo.

It’s a good buy for $33. And I’m sure you can buy it even cheaper on eBay.



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