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Neglecting the Garden and Roses

hybrid tea roses

Neglecting the Garden and Roses

I’ve been neglecting the garden lately. That is why I haven’t posted photos in quite awhile.

I used to have some beautiful rose bushes and just do a search on this site to find the best of the blooms, but right now it’s Autumn and the roses aren’t doing well at all.

But then again, I haven’t fertilized the rose bushes in quite awhile too. And every gardener knows that roses need a LOT of fertilizer in order to thrive and give out blooms.

So today I’m going to have to step out there and fertilize those rose bushes and the citrus trees as well.

I know it’s late in the season but in San Diego we have a warm temperate climate (for the most part).

Okay, here’s wishing we get to a point where we can revive the rose bushes and take some photos.

hybrid tea roses
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Hybrid Tea Rose
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