Net Neutrality Should Be A Basic Right For Everyone!

Net Neutrality Is Lost

Now that the Republicans have made the Obama Era net neutrality law dead in the water (since the repeal officially started today), I’m wondering how this will affect all of us who make there living online in various ways.

The issues we face are throttling, an ISPs ability to control download speeds and how quickly we can access and stream content on the web. Another aspect of controlling what we will see and experience on the web is content and website blocking. ISPs will now have the ability to control what the user sees and doesn’t see. Premium content could be taken to an insane level with steep costs to access. Of course the Uber powerful websites like Facebook and Amazon would have the money and clout to operate in the faster lanes of the Internet… whereas the smaller businesses could suffer.

Net Neutrality was supposed to ensure a basic freedom to access all content on the World Wide Web. It was supposed to even the playing field. But now the potential to piece meal and create different tiers of the Internet will only provide complete access only to those who can afford it and have the power to exercise their dominance over others… what will they do next? Package the air we breathe for those who can afford the cleanest air?

Corporate America already has control over various parts and pieces of our lives.

Net Neutrality is a very big issue we all have to care about deeply. It is something which should be amended into the constitution like other aspects like freedom of speech and religion, and even the right to bear arms. Well, we have a right to Net Neutrality…

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