News Explorer for MacOS is Awesome on my Macbook Pro

Since getting the 15 inch Macbook Pro, I’ve been reviewing Apps that would help me be more productive and save time. So, recently I’ve been messing around with News Explorer, and News Feed and RSS Reader that is pretty amazing.

News Explorer: RSS Reader with Cloud Syncing

I mean, it’s elegantly designed so it looks great (I love to set it in dark mode). And, it’s got powerful features for sharing to multiple social media platforms, as well as the ability to share anything via text message, email, etc.

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Check out the official App site.

Why an RSS Feed Reader?

  • All your news and blog updates in one App.
  • Ease of accessibility and scanning.
  • Powerful features for sharing to social media, email, and instant messaging.
  • The power to view multiple news sources easily.

News Explorer for MacOS

News Explorer’s Awesome Features

  • iCloud Synchronization.
  • Read the entire article with a great in-app browser.
  • Or go to your default browser.
  • Sophisticated search to easily and quickly get new feeds.
  • Synchronization across iPhone, iPad and Mac.
  • Visually stunning and elegantly designed.

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