Novak Djokovic: Is He A Vegan, a Pescatarian, or Mostly Vegan?

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Novak Djokovic has opened a vegan restaurant called Eqvita in Monte Carlo, and has professed to going mostly vegan.

Novak Djokovic: A Vegan or Not?

I’ve been a vegan for many, many years… but the fact is most people I know are NOT vegan, and you have to have enough compassion and understanding in your heart to NOT crucify people who aren’t. I have to deal with the fact that I’m a vegan but my wife and children are not vegan. So what do I do? Leave them because their eating philosophy is different from mine? It’s arrogant vegans who come across like the vegan police who turn people off to veganism in the first place!

Going Vegan is a Process

I’m all for baby steps if that’s what it takes to become a vegan. For some becoming vegan overnight is not a problem. For others it takes a long time. And still others become vegan (Jay Z and Beyonce) only to fall by the wayside. there are more societal forces at work here…. traditional & family habits, social implications of being an outcast from the rest of your social circles who think you’re wacko for not eating animals.

For Me, It Took Some Baby Steps

It took me a long time to transition to becoming a vegan, even coming from a vegetarian lifestyle. And so do I divorce my wife if she likes leather sofas and I’m a strict vegan? Of course not! Do I stay away from family & friends who continue to eat animals, and who keep pounding in their philosophy that I need to eat some meat to get my protein? Well, I try to stay away from people who keep telling me to eat animal foods for the protein. I think there has to be mutual respect, and at least a respect for what I’m doing. So if you can respect me for being a vegan, then that’s okay.

Yes, be proud you are vegan and do your part in the fight for animal rights and personal well being, but don’t go around crucifying people for being different, or unwilling to see things from your point of view. One of the reasons I’m vegan is through Buddhism, which practices compassion for all sentient beings, including humans.

Anyway, I was going to add these words as a reply to someone on YouTube who’s condemning non-vegan people, and I think that is wrong. It was a response to a video by Happy Healthy Vegan, talking about whether tennis great Novak Djokovic is a vegan or not. As it stands, Djokovic is mostly vegan, and eats fish occasionally. Of course, this puts him in the pescetarian (or plant-based) category, so he’s not a vegan in the strictest sense.



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