The Obligatory Birthday Post?

The Obligatory Birthday Post?

So, today I pass a major milestone in my Life.

Today, I reached the age of 60!

Well, I have to thank my lucky stars for reaching this age, for I know that not everyone reaches this age and if they do, they might have some health issues to go along with it.

Apart from the typical aches and pains from trying to be a busy guy, a musician, a self-employed person, etc… I feel pretty good.

And to be honest, my goal is to achieve another 60 years as a vegan, hopefully.

Of course, inside I feel like a 20 year old. But as we get older we begin to feel the physical body starting to show some wear and tear.

Our bodies are literally machines, and machines break down. And, although our bodies are adaptable and can heal themselves, we are more fragile and need to take care of ourselves.

Being Thankful and Mindful

[Checking out at Trader Joe’s]

Me: Hello! How’s it going?

Grocery Checker: I’m doing great! I woke up this morning!

Me: Hehe. Okay.

GC: Well, most men in my family never lived past 60, and I’m 65, so I’m just thankful to be here.

Me: Well, good for you!

GC: Yep. Any day in which I’m above ground is a good day!

Do I wish to make a grand celebration about being 60?


I don’t believe in external celebrations and throwing a big party and all. But, I do celebrate internally.

And, I finally got my Macbook Pro 15″ with the Retina Display and Touch Bar (see previous post), so I’m pretty ecstatic today.

Thank you to all who are a part of my Life…

God bless. I wish you all Peace & Love, always…

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