The Obligatory Christmas Day Post 2017

The Obligatory Christmas Day Post 2017

As Merry of a Christmas as we would like to imagine on a Christmas Day, there is a sadness that I feel on Christmas morning.

Perhaps the best song to acknowledge the sadness of a cold Christmas Day is Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan.

For some, Christmas won’t seem complete without loved ones, either those fighting some War somewhere around the world in a country far, far away, or those dear departed who have gone before us in the afterlife.

For some, Christmas can seem a bittersweet time, but we must focus on the positive spirit of Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who gave his Life so that we may Live with His teachings and message of Love and Compassion toward all.

. . . .

Merry Christmas to ALL of you out there… wherever you are, you are not alone. Let the spirit of Christmas light up your dark night.

And let us show gratitude for this fine Christmas Day, and think of those who are truly in need, whether it be for some comfort, or shelter, or a little kindness…

Merry Christmas to All…

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