The Obligatory Good Friday Post for 2017

Lucky Number 13?

The other day was April 13th, and I was thinking about how some people (many people, actually) are superstitious about the number 13. Like, bad things will happen and all. And, I was traveling yesterday from Santa Barbara to San Diego on the 13th, and I ran into a lot of road construction at night. This led to traffic and getting lost. Then I turned on the GPS and it led me straight into downtown L.A. and crazy traffic. I normally take routes to avoid downtown L.A. but because of the road work at night, I was diverted.

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But in Italy, the number 13 is supposedly a lucky number.

Personally, I’ve experienced many Friday the 13th’s and have survived every one of them, and I don’t remember an bad luck happening on those days. But, our society is superstitious enough to omit 13th floors on many buildings!

Observing Good Friday

Many Christians observe Good Friday and abstain from eating meat on this day. Personally, it doesn’t affect me because I’m Vegan, so it’s just a typically normal day for me. Or maybe I should do the opposite and eat meat?

Anyway, my Good Friday was super busy, and I see there were a LOT of shoppers (including myself, yes) taking advantage of some time off on Jesus’ behalf, apparently.

Thank you, Jesus. 😉



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