One Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All

One Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All

the problem with VP Pence leaving the game when NFL players took the knee…

Mike Pence’s trip to protest an NFL game likely cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars

taking the knee is more of a demonstration against the trampling of African-Americans’ civil rights and is more a ‘humanitarian’ act than a political one. VP Pence made it a political one.

we are going through an era in which our civil rights are pushed to the front and center by acts of police brutality and violence against African-Americans, who’ve been killed by police when they were (for the most part) unarmed.

this is the central issue, and when these NFL players, mostly black, take to protesting at a time when their actions will be seen, during the performance of the National Anthem and before the U.S. Flag, it SHOULD make one wonder….

What are the ideals and values that our flag represents?

“…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL”

Equality. Liberty. Justice (for ALL)… this is what our U.S. Flag is supposed to represent…

Indivisible means we are united as one. But, we are sadly a very polarized nation right now…

And, if Americans are ignoring the inequalities and injustices that are happening in our country today, then who is disrespecting the U.S. flag?

If the ideals and values for which this country and the flag stand for are trampled upon, then what are we defending, and what are our troops defending….

Let us all step back and analyze just what this country stands for…. equality? civil rights? justice for all?
Is it only a select group of people who are deserving of this equality, liberty and justice…

“justice for all”

this justice should be a right, and not something we are excluded from or have to earn at some monumental cost… it should be a right for ALL U.S. Citizens…

and should not be denied to citizens because of race, religion, social status, gender or political affiliation…

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