Zen and the Art of Organizing the Home, Shelf by Shelf

Organizing The Home

Watching the show “Hoarders”, I noticed that every single hoarder lacked one main ingredient for helping them stay organized… Shelving Units! And in organizing the home, shelving units and special containers to place things in will help get rid of the clutter, and stay organized.

In my own assessment of my own hoarding habits, I guess I should search for some Retail Shelving for Sale, which would serve as a great solution in helping me organize my garage and other crucial areas.

In fact, in my efforts to maintain an organized, uncluttered home, I’ve ended up designating my garage as an ad hoc storage unit, only able to place one car in a two car space. Yes indeed! Shelving Units in the garage would definitely save space, create areas to better organize the garage, and create more room for that second car!

Simplicity in Action

The one thing I think about when organizing the home is Simplicity. Next on my list of factors in living simply and living organized is Minimalism.

In a nutshell, I’d develop the following criteria for organizing the home.

Simplicity – Intentionally avoiding complexity by keeping things simple is the first step toward a more organized home. In the philosophy of Zen, simplicity is crucial. Simplicity is the act of making things more understandable, logical, and more easily identifiable. Every item has its place.

Minimalism – Further complementing the goal for simplicity is having a more minimalist home by getting by with less. Accepting the fact that one perhaps needs to get rid of the clutter by identifying things that are no longer needed and just taking up space. Less is more.

organizing the home

Aesthetics – A visually appealing and uncluttered home adds to the aesthetics and enjoyment of the home. Every item in the home, from the sofa to the entertainment system, should have is own “space”. As a matter of fact, space between objects is important in understanding aesthetics. Proper placement and a strategic use of space can create an aesthetically pleasing home.

Commitment – Maintaining a committed and dedicated attitude towards organizing the home is a necessary factor in keeping your home organized, because the real test is keeping the home organized and free of clutter, on an ongoing basis and not letting things fall back to chaos. Making sure others in the home understand the direction toward a more organized home is also essential to success. After all, in many cases it takes teamwork to get things done.

Storage – Having proper space like shelving units is definitely crucial in helping organize the home. Proper storage for all your things will help when it comes to your ability to find those things whenever the situation arises that you need them. As a low tech solution to storage, I’ve found “bankers boxes” highly useful in organizing the home. These boxes can be labeled, and they can also be placed on shelving units in need rows.

The Challenge of Organizing the Home

For my own personal dilemma, the garage is my one immediate project in organizing my own home. I’ve already acknowledged that I have used my garage as a place for storage. Buying some shelving units will immediately help in organizing the clutter. Then identifying those items that are no longer needed, and either donating them to Goodwill (or other charitable organizations) or selling more valuable items on eBay.

I could further organize items into bankers boxes, mark them properly for easy identification and easy access. Another good idea is to simply number each bankers box, then create a spreadsheet or database on the computer to list all the items in each numbered box.

Sounds like a plan.

It’s just a matter of getting started!

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