Personal Opinion: The New UnReal…

Do you think that people get into politics to help their fellow countrymen? I don’t think so… they get into politics for personal power and wealth. And if they do help their fellow countrymen (and women)… it’s a trickle down affect at most. Check your latest healthcare insurance. Are you getting a better deal now with the new administration? Chances are you get a great deal if you work for a great company or for the government. So, the healthcare industry and big pharma is all about making profits and pleasing the shareholders.

One thing about this new administration being run by a billionaire, is that he has appointed multi-millionaire and billionaire cronies to his cabinet. It is essentially a board of directors and our U.S. government is being incorporated…. yes, somehow for profiteering.

I personally can’t stand politics because I can see through the B.S.

It doesn’t even matter which political party you are affiliated with, but with this new administration it will be run like a business. A cut throat business by a president who can’t even show us his tax returns!

And corporations ARE run like dictatorships and regimes. That’s just the way of the world in Corporate America.

You wanted a billionaire businessman for president? Well, welcome to the new corporation. What is your role in it and what will you get out of it.

I only see a bottom line with this particular administration. It will be designed to help those rich people get richer, and that is the God’s honest truth.

We won’t see any benefits coming to us. No tax breaks. No discounts in our healthcare. And we’ll see the building of a Great Wall that will be a Great Tax Burden to us taxpayers in the long run.

And the new president promises the biggest military build up this country has seen…. of course, that will cost a ton of money, and do you think those billionaire cronies will pay for it up front. Of course not! Once again, the taxpaying citizens will get hit with the bill somehow.

Already, the new president and his family are incurring huge expenses traveling abroad and back and forth between New York and Florida. The secret service bill must be huge in just this first month alone.

Will the budget deficit be fixed? Funny, there’s no real talk or action about that, and the U.S. owes China and Japan at least 1 trillion each in loans.

Now, let’s talk about our simple democratic benefits like freedom of speech and press… already, our new president is being exclusive and banning news agencies from attending press conferences and briefings… which is similar to what dictators like Ferdinand Marcos did during his regime. When they put a stop to the freedom of the press, and accuse the press of being fake, then that’s when we go down the road of Fascism and Dictatorship.

It’s no secret that the new president admires Putin in Russia, who is essentially another dictator, having overstayed his terms and has been in power for some 14+ years.

The president’s approval rating is down to around 35% and 40%, as the latest gallup polls will tell you. But our new president will simply say this is fake news.

Funny, that whenever anyone disagrees with him, he condemns them and tries to discredit them, even making disparaging remarks…. and the first lady is trying to sue for defamation of character?

I believe there is a coordinated attack on our freedoms and on the U.S. Consitution. I believe the new president is gaming the media just so he can always stay on top of the search results of Google. The man is one of the biggest attention whores in the world, ever since he discovered how to continually get good ratings by being controversial in the social media.

You notice, he’s always in the news, even though he claims most new outlets he says he hates are fake news. And something very controversial always comes up every day!

It’s all about ratings and staying on top of the current events.

Now that is a big attention whore if I ever saw one. Shame.

Just friggin’ do you job as president. Be presidential.

But one unprecedented thing happens after another, and thus this allows him to always stay at the top of the news results.

We are being gamed from all directions, people.

Protest. Resist. Do whatever you can… call out your local representatives about what is happening. Because I believe this is unprecedented and Un-American.

Who benefits from all this?

Of course, it’s all about the new president.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and

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