“Pioneers in the Golden Age of Media”

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“Pioneers in the Golden Age of Media”

Richter Studios is an award-winning, video production services company that offers a multitude of world class solutions, ranging from flash animations and web design, to business presentations, interactive DVDs, and more…

richter2Based in the Chicago area, and with over 10 years of experience as a video production company, Richter Studios’ work focuses on three distinct areas of expertise:

  • 1. Web.
  • 2. Video.
  • 3. Interactive.

Web Solutions

With “Web 2.0” a daily experience on a vast array of social networks and blogs, the world is ready for the next level of interaction on the world wide web, and Richter Studios is ready to step up to the plate with web solutions poised for “Web 3.0”.

Aside from traditional as well as advanced web designing services, Richter Studios offers Flash Animations, Virtual Tours and Streaming Video to enhance your present site, or offer complete web solutions from the ground up.

Video Solutions

Richter Studios offers a multitude of fully digital video solutions aimed at corporate and small business alike. And their work falls into four main categories:

  • 1. High Definition Video
  • 2. Online Solutions for the Web
  • 3. CDs and DVDs
  • 4. Video solutions for Mobile Devices

Richter Studios has done work in the areas of product launches, sales presentations, training and education, trade shows and special events, just to name a few.

richterInteractive Solutions

Interactive digital media is often “experienced” via the click-and-play functionality of multimedia CD-ROMs, and can take the form of self-contained presentations on CD and DVD, or through software on a desktop computer, or via a touch screen display on a kiosk.

Richter Studios has over 10 years of experience with interactive solutions that have served as “interactive training platforms”, “tradeshow kiosks” and various “promotional media” that offer point, click and touch functionality.

Based on their demos, testimonials videos, and the overall presentation of their website, I was very impressed with the capabilities and knowledge and services this company has to offer.

Looking for video production services? A corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, tv or promotional video or just to document your process and procedures? Need actors, lighting or studio time? Richter Studios can shoot in any format from any location. Or, do you already have the footage, but need that special post-production touch to bring out the magic? Our world class editors and animators are here to help. Our range includes 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation wizardry. Our award winning team can make your video production an attention-grabbing masterpiece!

If you ARE looking for video production services, it is likely that Richter Studios is the answer to your needs, and they can handle any video project from start to finish, and even do post-production work for you. They offer solutions that bring together the world wide web, digital video and interactive capabilities, and which range from flash animation to streaming video.

For more information, check out their website at:  RichterStudios.com

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