Ragtime Pianist Rod Miller Tells the Story of How He Was Hired by Disneyland

Many know Rod Miller as the amazing Ragtime Pianist who performed in Disneyland’s “Coke Corner” on Main Street.

In the video above, Rod Miller performs at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. And he takes a break to tell the story about how he was hired by Disneyland back in 1969.

He is retired now, but he has become one of the symbols of the Disney experience, and was one of the musicians who helped bring Ragtime Music into the spotlight.

As a child, I always looked forward to watching him amaze audiences who passed by only to stop and listen for awhile; a happy diversion from the rides.

For 36 years, Rod Miller dazzled audiences at Disneyland’s Coke Corner with his piano playing prowess. Now retired, he puts in an appearance at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco to help celebrate their one-year anniversary. He plays a couple of tunes and talks about how he got hired by Disneyland in 1969 for an outrageous $10 an hour.

I wrote a previous post about Rod Miller back when it was announced that he was retiring. Check out the video where he performs the Maple Leaf Rag at super-fast speed!

Also check out a rendition of this amazing ragtime piece, by yours truly.



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