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Cold Turkey vs Gradual Adaptation

I’ve learned from previous experience that to jump into a new diet or exercise regimen “cold turkey” is not a good idea.

Gradual adaptation and slow transitioning into a new lifestyle or routine is the best way to go about making changes in your diet and fitness routines.

Sure it takes hard work when it comes to fitness, and a certain commitment and dedication when it comes to improving one’s diet, but balance is the key, and a slow transition is essential.

Dietary Willpower vs Total Dietary Abandon

I’ve been on both sides of this dietary spectrum. I had achieved weight loss and a healthier body, but bounced back to the opposite end of the spectrum with total failure.

After years of yo-yo dieting and experimenting with various diets, I am now focused on a healthier, more gradual transition, and balancing a lot of things in Life to ensure better success.

One thing to keep in mind, is that we are all a work-in-progress, striving to better ourselves and to age gracefully as we get older.

It does take a personal commitment to change for the better, so the right actions and persistent dedication are what’s needed.

We are what we eat. That is true in the literal sense. But, the problem we face within our modern society is that there is a lot of misguided information out there.

A part of us needs to listen to our bodies. But we need to arm ourselves with the right knowledge of how our bodies work so that we can understand and not just go through life “willy-nilly”.

It might take the need to read more about human physiology and dietary metabolism to get the knowledge needed to eat healthy and not eat just for the enjoyment of it, but more importantly for our health.

At the same time, we need to cultivate common sense in order to realize that we need to eat for health, and not just eat for taste.

Raw Food Logic

What I’ve noticed with most people is that they assume that foods should be cooked for the best taste experience. While that may be true, many of the same people probably don’t eat enough raw fruits and vegetables.

As a matter of fact, I know that many don’t even like to eat vegetables, and typically go for a meat-filled, starch-laden diet because it “tastes better”, rather than to eat primarily for health.

I’ll bet that many don’t think being healthy and eating a healthy diet are connected!

Raw Foods contain enzymes that supposedly get depleted after many years of being on a cooked food diet. You think that maybe there is a connection between a mostly cooked food diet and chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer?

Something to consider…

How Do You Really Feel?

Everyone talks about the “food coma” associated with eating a big, elaborate meal.

I’ve experienced it, as we all basically have experienced it on special holidays like Thanksgiving when everyone “pigs out” at the dinner table.

One explanation is simply that we have eaten too much, and that is true. But also, another explanation is that we have overloaded our bodies with starch-laden foods. And if we think of our bodies as food factories, they have been overloaded with a lot of work all at one time. And, the body goes into overtime trying to process all that food. But after awhile, the body tends to collapse from exhaustion and thus we tend to feel sleepy and want to take a nap. The body is shutting down other processes in order to handle the food overload.

Anyway, regarding raw foods; I know for a fact that raw foods (especially sprouts and various lettuce leaves) energize the body because of their alkaline nature, fiber, and abundance of nutrients.

If you’re going to be a total meat eater, you still have to focus on salads in order to stay healthy. Meats require a lot of energy for the body to process, ad there are a lot of byproducts associate with eating a meat diet. Whereas, fruits and vegetables require little energy and time to process, which means it’s less taxing on the body.

Grandmas and Moms have throughout history told their kids to eat your broccoli!

A friend of mine who had cancer but conquered it told me once that “broccoli is anti-cancer food”!

Broccoli is also the vegetable that many nutritionist say contains the most nutrients out of all the vegetables.

Steaming broccoli is a good way to go if you simply cannot eat raw broccoli. As a matter of fact, for the transitioning raw vegan I find nothing wrong with steaming broccoli, especially on cold Winter months.

Incidentally, maybe it’s in my genes because my ancestors came from a tropical region of the world where it’s always hot, but I cannot live on an entirely raw food diet during the Winter months. At the very least I need to drink hot tea. And, steaming some broccoli is going to still be nutritious and help warm the body during those cold, dark nights!

Anyway, I’ll do more rambling about diet and fitness at a later time, so stay tuned!

Here’s to your health and healthy eating!



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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