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Where Has Online Journaling Gone?

For most of 2018, I’ve been reporting on stock market stuff.

It’s been an obsession for me, but I must write about other things so I don’t get to complacent with the stock market reporting.

In fact, I’ve been focusing on stock market research for more short-term trading, most of which were successful, and once in a while, catastrophic to the portfolio. But, I’m currently at +38% profit, so I’m not complaining. The hardest thing to do is let go of losing positions in order to cut one’s loses. This is essential in maintaining a profitable portfolio, and freeing up funds to buy better performing stocks.

But, I’ve come to realize that it’s important to write about other aspects of my life. As a matter of fact, it’s vital to one’s health and well being.

And this goes back to that balance I’ve talked about here at least a few times before.

So, I think I’m committed to mixing it up again…

Wish me luck…

Recent Photos

Recently we had a big family breakfast at The Cottage in La Jolla… Yes, this is like the umpteenth million time, but this fine breakfast establishment always delivers.

Below you can see one of their signature breakfast dishes, the French Toast, which looks sinfully delicious. One of my nieces had this, and it’s vegetarian!


Below is their Vegan Hash, which is what I had. It is excellent, and just glad they have vegan options here. Their Mexican Mochas and Hot Chocolates can be made vegan as well, and they are quite good too.


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