Random Random: Grammy’s, Vegans and Downton Abbey

I have a confession to make: My latest “obsession” has been Downton Abbey. So, as it stands, two tv shows destined to be my two all-time favorite shows of all-time is looking to be The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t watch much TV. I mean, I’m completely out-of-touch with a LOT of what’s going on out there.

Let’s take the Grammy’s, for instance.

I know that as a musician many would probably think that I should eagerly be watching the Grammy Awards each year. But, the truth is I’m out-of-touch with a LOT of the “new music” as well. Perhaps, I should be in touch as a good friend and colleague told me he once met Pearl Bailey and she said something like, “Honey, if you’re going to be in this [Music] business you better know who’s who, etc…”

Well, given this day and age, I find it virtually impossible to REALLY keep up with all genres and musical groups out there, seriously, so it’s important to specialize and focus on key favorite genres. Life is short, after all, and to me the most vital and important music is that music from the past which has survived the tests of time. And, there are just too many new bands and musical artists out there who are at the top of the heap today, and gone tomorrow, and when all is said and done, the music (if it is truly worthy) will truly stand the tests of time.

As a musician, my job is to seek out that important music that is truly meaningful, consisting of true artistry, and is worthy to be studied and performed. But, in the world of newer popular music, I DO believe that there are important musical artists that are worthy of our attention, just as there are those so-called artists who are popular now, but are questionable as to just how worthy their music will be 25 years from now.

But, getting back to favorite tv shows, I am equally feeling the same way as far as tv shows and movies are concerned, that there are truly great works out there that will stand the tests of time, as either examples of artistry as well as examples of genius and entertainment.

I’d been really into The Big Bang Theory because I really like the way the show features these highly intelligent scientists who are young and immersed into the geek culture, the internet, science fiction and fantasy, gaming, etc… and their trying to deal with the real world despite their social ineptitude.

At the beginning of last year 2012, I did turn on the tv and flip through channels and caught an old episode of The Big Bang Theory, and I was hooked! And NOT having watched much tv, I was late in getting into this sitcom as they were already in their 4th season, so I started by buying the first season DVD and did a marathon to catch up. And, then I bought the second season and did another marathon, and continued until I was caught up.

So, with Downton Abbey I’ve recently been playing catch up by downloading the first season on iTunes and doing this massive marathon to catch up with Seasons 1,2, and 3! And, now I’m pretty much caught up with all episodes of Downton Abbey, even the season finale which is available for download (the UK versions are shown ahead of time) but won’t be shown on PBS until February 17.

Anyway, back to the Grammy’s. I’m not much into awards shows. Honestly, they praise the popular people but I am aware of some excellent and deserving musical artists who deserve more recognition but are either in the shadows or are all but forgotten. I’m not at all trying to be all high and mighty. I just believe that the music industry is a business and that business is to sell CDs and MP3’s and other downloads. I’m not saying we must forget the relevance of popular music out there. I’m just saying that there are purely artistic efforts that don’t get recognized because they didn’t have the promotional machine and the marketing behind it to get that music out there.

Well, I know that this Grammy thing can be highly debatable, and I know I’ll offend someone out there. But, this is just my own opinion and how I feel about it. I have gigged with some truly talented and creative musicians who could be just as deserving, but because of the luck of the draw or whatever, they are virtual unknowns to the wider public audience.

Anyway, regarding my vegetarian and vegan adventures [this is proving to be quite a lengthy post, isn’t it?], I recently had dinner with the family, celebrating my birthday and my sister-in-law’s, and we went down to Harbor Island and had lunch at C-Level Restaurant. They specialize in seafood I guess, but I was able to order a vegan sandwich with sweet potato fries, along with Chamomile Tea. It was great for cooked vegan, but it was quite a lot of food and I could only finish half of this Vegan Burger (the Portabello Mushroom was thick enough and had the same dimensions as a good-sized hamburger patty). I was hoping for a huge green salad, but at least this place had a vegan/vegetarian option.

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Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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