Random Thoughts on Moving and a Frugal Lifestyle

IF YOU’VE BEEN A FAIRLY REGULAR READER HERE, you know that, every now and then, I try to share tips for saving money and living a frugal lifestyle.

Well, in these tough economic times, I’ve certainly been posting more ways to saving and practice frugality.

I just wish I’d done my homework on relocating to another city, being that the family and I had recently moved to a new condo in Riverside.

A friend of mine grew up in the Chicago area, and I was thinking that if I wanted to relocate here from “the windy city”, finding affordable Chicago moving companies would be at the top of my list of priorities.

When I was touring with a band throughout the Southwest, I kind of fell in love with Tuscon. It had a nice old west feel, and the climate was much cooler than Phoenix. And there is a college culture there since you have the University of Arizona as well. I’d contact the most reasonable movers in Tucson to help with the move. It would definitely be easier than trying to do the move yourself.

Relocating To Riverside

Metrolink Riverside Station

The Metrolink Train at the Riverside Station

Well, what my family and I have been doing with our move to Riverside is we’ve been moving in baby steps. Instead of hiring a moving company or renting a truck, we’ve been loading up the SUV for several small trips as we go back and forth between our house in San Diego and the condo in Riverside. The benefit is that we don’t feel like we’re doing this big move. We just move a little at a time as we drive back and forth between cities. Perhaps, we at least get the feeling that we are saving, and doing the moving ourselves. And in that sense we are saving and doing a frugal relocation.

Frugal Relocation

The Mission Inn Hotel - Riverside, CA

Christmas Time at the Mission Inn Hotel in Downtown Riverside

But trying to save money and living a frugal lifestyle (especially in this day and age) is an ongoing process. It is a learning process. And one is inclined to make mistakes along the way and learn from them.

I think that living frugally is a challenge for our particular generation. We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of products and services, from Cable Television and Internet to Mobile Phones and HDTV. We seem to be a gadget driven society now, not that this is a bad thing but when you think about it, it takes money to fuel our addictions to these gadgets and their services.

Technology is our new way of Life. Not only are we getting addicted to the lifestyle, we are becoming hopelessly dependent upon it. And, perhaps our “lust” (for lack of a better word) AND need for wanting to own the latest, greatest, new gadget keeps the cycle going. I give mad props to the marketing departments of these top electronics and computer companies, for perpetuating our need to continually buy the latest, greatest, new thing!

Can anyone say, “mass media marketing”… or do I dare say, “mass media brainwashing”.

Just remember that frugal living always falls back to a simpler, less complicated lifestyle that is more in tune with our nautral surroundings and benefits our environment in positive ways.

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